Friday, July 29, 2011

R.A.O.K. #1

I have heard stories of others packing to camping in the wilderness only to find that they have failed to bring their sleeping bag and pillow. I have said to myself "Who does that?" Are they totally clueless? Well, funny thing... we did that. My son went to Scout camp 200 miles away in the Wyoming Wilderness with out his sleeping bag and pillow. (Dad helped him pack) We received a tearful telephone call on Monday night. He finally admitted his mistake after much prodding as to his emotional state. He did however, bring a deluxe one-man cot and a four inch foam pad.
I immediately told him to hand the cell phone to the nearest leader and I would see what we could do. He told me that doing so would just cause more problems for him. Really? After a prayer with his older brother via the cell phone, he hung up and decided to tough it out. I waited 15 minutes and called the cell number. Brother C., a former marine answered. I told him of the predicament and he assured me that he would take care of it. Thirty minutes later I received a call. Brother C. told me that my son now had a sleeping bag, a makeshift pillow and the assurance that if he had any problems he had someone he could trust to help him. I thanked him profusely and then inquired as to where they found an extra sleeping bag. This tough former marine with a soft heart of gold, simply replied, "Oh.I gave him mine."

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